Our Mission

MISSION: Exploring new horizons that have never been reached, we innovate the process of learning by paving the way for students to reach their full potential, we individualize the academic experience of millions of students, engaging and motivating them to memorize the quran for future generations to come.

As you know education is very important, and now it has become one of the most invested industries in the world. It is seven trillion dollar industry. That is 570x the size of the online market, equal to 7x the global mobile industry. More than the GDP of Italy France and UK combined. Yet when you look at the gains or the benefits of all this trillion investment made to education one can say it has tragically failed.

Statistically 30% of public schools have failed, and another 36% are not ready for college. The ones that go to college 46% of them don't graduate. After looking at these statistics the department of education is using technology to resolve these issues.

When we looked at most of Dugsies in North America 95% of the students don't graduate. Shocking right?   Well we have come up with solution as well.  Just as the department of education in the U.S did, we at dugsi.us have produced a new technology that resolves issues and short comings of the traditional ways of teaching to read Quran.

You might ask yourself why technology is important.

Technology is important because it has simplified and replaced many things.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you wrote a letter to someone where you had put it in an envelope with stamp on it? Not recently right? Why? Because most people today use technology like email or text. instead of sending a letter. Technology has replaced the old ways of communicating to someone.

Again ask yourself? When was the last time you bought a cassette tape or VHS tape? Not recently right? Why? Because technology like you Tube, and online sites have replaced them.

When was the last time you bought a news paper? Most people now days go to their cell phone if they have wireless and they get their news from there.

Just like the examples we mentioned before technology is changing the traditional ways of teaching the Qur’an as well. We have built software that makes the learning of the Qur'an very simple. This is a new way of making sure the user of this technology the student gets the most benefits out of their teacher. And it is like the teacher assigning a kabiir or a tutor to every student through this program. It guides them; it corrects them when they make a mistake.

Benefits and features of Dugsi.us

A teaching assistant for every student

1. Being able to know the strengths and weaknesses of the student and it gives the teacher an idea where to place the student. his is a constant assessment of the student.  

2. The benefit of unlimited repetition is to give the teacher a window to give the student all the time, and it also reinforces learning and save papers.

3. they will learn faster, the student don't have to wait the teacher to grade their lesson, the system will give them feedback on their lesson whether they did a good job or not. share the story of baby learning to walk.  This feedback makes the student more competitive to compete with other students.

4. The benefit of having complete data for the parents is to see if the student is on task. It lets the parents in-courage the student. It gives the parents a complete access to manage their student’s account and see what the lesson was and what the requirement was. It lets the parent better communicate with the teacher.

5. the benefit of taking this program is not being tight to one computer. not losing any date, and the ability to practice any time any where you want.

6. the benefit of giving a report to parents is to let the parent know if their student is progressing daily, weekly, and monthly.

7. The reason this program is personalized to the student who is using it is because every student learn differently, and it is on a need basis and the student is stuck on one level it is based on their pace.

8. The  benefit of engagement and the point system through this program is because the program is gamefied and play is natural..so the student learn faster why they are playing. And it is also a positive pure influence. It gives the students badges and recognition.

9. The benefits of having a leadership board is recognition, and motivation. It sets the bar, and gets the best out of the kid.